Common Core has created a lot of buzz recently across the country. You may have seen articles in the news and around the Valley, but it may be hard to wrap your head around exactly what all of the buzz is about. If you are confused on how the common core standards affect you and your child, we help break down the meaning of it and how Bright Beginnings is helping parents better understand the standards.

Common Core, at its foundation was created to help prepare students for their future. It was designed to educate students in critical thinking skills, teach them how to effectively communicate, and adapt with the changing times. Each grade and unit, starting at Kindergarten, has different common core standards, which can confuse parents. The standards of common core are focused on results and preparing students for college and their future career; this is something that Bright Beginnings values for their own students and is the foundation of our curriculum.

For parents who are confused as to how common core relates to them and their children, we can help make the transition easier! We offer parent common core classes that help educate parents on the new standards and how they can help their children succeed outside of the classroom.

To learn more about our common core courses for parents be sure to contact us today!