Bright Beginnings offers an interactive Spanish program that is partially based on a full·immersion approach. Thanks to the full·immersion curriculum, our students have the opportunity to learn commands and to follow instructions given in a foreign language besides the vocabulary and expressions covered in class.

Our goal in teaching Spanish is to expose our students to the sounds and basic vocabulary and expressions of this foreign language. Exposure at an early age helps the students to develop an understanding of the sounds and structures of a language they may not speak at home. Spanish is taught through thematic units. Each unit includes vocabulary and expressions that the students put into practice through songs, interactive games, hands-on activities, direct instruction, and simulated real·life situations.

Our Spanish curriculum grows with the students and the lessons are always adjusted to the children’s level so that they can continue to learn and be challenged at the same time. It is our goal to help our students to develop an appreciation of a foreign language, new knowledge and skills that will serve them in the future.