Our Wellness classes aim to educate students on why it’s important to have an active lifestyle, why we need to challenge ourselves physically and how we can encourage one another to be the best person we can through our words and actions.

In our physical education program, we concentrate on our effort. We want to understand the positive results will eventually be obtained if we continuously give our best effort. We accomplish this by encouraging one another rather than competing against each other and by realizing we all have different abilities, but by working together everyone can enjoy success.

Our main goal for students in PE is to help them understand why it’s important to begin healthy habits at a young age. These habits include being active, being aware of our nutritional choices and trying to make those around us feel good about themselves.

We learn how the different parts of our body work together and why it’s important to keep those parts healthy. We experiment with exercise and take inventory on how different activities make our bodies develop in different ways. Some make us stronger, some make us faster and they all make us feel better.

We try and realize our food choices have a big impact on how well our body works and how making the best choices can make us feel and look better. We look at how different types of food affect us through both scientific studies and personal experience.

We are also continuously striving to make our school atmosphere positive for everyone. We concentrate on different character traits throughout the school year. We want everyone to experience that feeling of making someone else realize they are a special person.