Through Bright Beginnings’ Wellness program, students learn the importance of an active lifestyle, the need to challenge themselves physically and how they can encourage their peers through positive words and actions.

The physical education program focuses on positive effort, emphasizing each student doing their best, and focuses on encouragement instead of competition among students. The main goal for students in PE is to help them understand the importance of beginning healthy habits at a young age. These habits include:

  • Developing an active lifestyle
  • Making good nutritional choices
  • Using positive words and actions to encourage those around you

Students learn how the different parts of our body work together and why it is important to keep those parts healthy. They experiment with exercise and track how different activities affect their bodies in different ways.

Through our nutrition curriculum, students see the link between their food choices and how their bodies feel, look and perform. Both scientific studies and students’ own experiences are drawn upon as evidence of the link between nutrition and body performance.

The Wellness/PE curriculum also focuses on the importance of making the school atmosphere positive for everyone. Different character traits are emphasized throughout the year.

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