Our faculty is outstanding! Teachers use a variety of teaching methods within the classroom. They teach above grade level and excel at meeting the AZ State Standards. Teachers have college degrees and many have Master’s degrees. There is a teacher and an aide in every class and a teacher student ratio that averages 1:11. Staff resumes and information for all employees who provide instruction is available for viewing upon formal written request.

Jennifer Jackman
Jennifer Jackman
Peggy French
Peggy French
Michelle Riley
Michelle Riley
Administrative Assistant
Tanya Marks
Tanya Marks
Whitni Taylor
Pre-Kindergarten, M-F Teacher
Kathleen Langenberg
Pre-Kindergarten Assistant to Whitni Taylor
Lanae Jones
Pre-Kindergarten, T,Th Teacher
Kathie Lyons
Pre-Kindergarten Assistant to Lanae Jones
Andrea Rix
Pre-Kindergarten, M,W,F Teacher
Melissa Singer
Pre-Kindergarten Assistant to Andrea Rix
Anissa Fox
Linda Jenkins
Kindergarten Assistant to Anissa Fox
Denise Johnson
LeeAnn Schneider
Kindergarten Assistant to Denise Johnson
Katie Poyzer
Barbara Densmore
Kindergarten Assistant to Katie Poyzer
Jeanne Loop
Elizabeth Merritt
1st Grade Assistant to Jeanne Loop
Holly King
Glenda Shoemaker
1st Grade Assistant to Holly King
Kara Stowell
Ana Galvan-Venegas
2nd Grade Assistant to Kara Stowell
Jessica Watson
Ronda Thornton
2nd Grade Assistant to Jessica Watson
Phyllis Killingsworth
Jean Perkins
3rd Grade Assistant to Phyllis Killingsworth
Anissa Tripoli
Brenda Fitzgerald
3rd Grade Assistant to Anissa Tripoli
Zeinab Hassan
Meenakshi Yadav
4th Grade Assistant to Zeinab Hassan
Amy Bates
Karen Bever
4th Grade Assistant to Amy Bates
Ann Sauriol
Liana Williams
5th Grade Assistant to Ann Sauriol
Libby Garza
Amber Cramer
5th Grade Assistant to Libby Garza
Rochelle Kantrud
Debbie Gardner
6th Grade Assistant to Rochelle Kantrud
Lanae Jones
Music Teacher (Pre-Kindergarten)
Sarah Burke
Tracy Crocker
John Mahnke
Wellness Teacher (K-6th)
Idoia Caceres
Penny Leideker
Speech Teacher (K-6th)
Laura Land
Special Education (K-6th)