As parents, it is easy to feel overwhelmed when your child asks for help with their math homework. Processes have changed, as has the math you once learned. These facts can make it difficult to help your child when they are struggling with math homework. However, it is important to know that your anxiety towards the subject can end up hurting rather than helping your child.

A great way to make math less intimidating is to be comfortable with it. This not only applies to you but your child as well.  Use these simple tips to help both you and your child with math troubles at home.

Here are some suggestions to help make the subject more accessible to your children.

  • Don’t be negative: If you are overwhelmed when your child asks you for help with their work, be mindful not to pass that anxiety on to them. Start every homework session asking your child to explain the assignment. This will give you a better idea of whether or not you will be able to assist your child or not, and it will also make them feel like the expert.
  • Explore math in everyday life: Incorporate math into your child’s life in small ways and help make it rewarding! Kids will open up to the idea of math once they realize that it is all around them.
  • Make math fun: Use educational games and activities to make math something exciting. These tools can help reinforce the skills they learn in the classroom.

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