It is our hope that the following information will be helpful as you consider our preschool and pre-kindergarten for your child.

Our preschool concentrates on developing and building large and small motor movements. Each activity done in class helps fulfill this area of focus. Other areas of focus are social and beginning academics. Our curriculum is developmental; early skills that ore taught help children learn more complex skills. We use the same handwriting program that is presented in grades K·3. This enables children to have consistency as they learn to write. Our school day is highly structured. Approximately two thirds of our time is spent participating in planned activities; free choice (unstructured) time is limited. Not all children will be ready (at this age) for the structure of our program. Our preschool is placed in a school selling; this helps children adapt to school. We consider the program to be “pre-school, not play-school”.

Our pre-kindergarten offers a complete developmental curriculum that allows the young students to develop social, emotional, physical, artistic, and academic skills. The curriculum is very structured – two thirds of the day is spent participating in planned activities in the areas of mathematics, pre-reading, writing, art and science. During this time, the students are expected to move through centers to accomplish teacher directed centers. The unstructured part of the day includes outdoor recess and free choice play where students are encouraged to make choices, interact with peers, and develop important social skills. Not all children are developmentally ready for a structured program. Many parents wonder if their child is ready for a school program such as ours. Appropriate questions may be:

Has my child been away from me before? Does my child cope well with baby sitters? If your child has never been in any other type of class setting, this class may be too long. All children ore on o trial basis for the first 2 weeks. If after that time your child continues to experience separation anxiety or there are concerns with developmental maturity and your child is not ready for the type of program we offer, you may be asked to leave the program and rejoin at a later lime. Your $150 registration fee will not be refunded. Monthly tuition will be prorated and the remainder refunded if your child is not developmentally ready for this program.


Does your child communicate his/her needs? Preschool can be stressful for children who experience language barriers. Please consider playgroups until your child feels comfortable expressing his/her thoughts and needs. Is my child fully self sufficient in the bathroom? Absolutely no pull-ups or diapers are permitted. Our most important desire is that your child will have o fabulous first “school” experience! We are prepared to provide exciting learning experiences instilling confidence, creativity and a desire to learn!